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Why ‘I Don’t Like It’ Alone Is Harmful

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October 31, 2018

Why 'I Don't Like It' Alone Is Harmful
Time Investment
Time Investment

8-minute read.

“I Don’t Like It!” by itself is so harmful. Learn why in this article.

What You Will Learn
What You Will Learn

Why “I Don’t Like It” By Itself is harmful.

How To Give Better Feedback.

Why better feedback is magic.

I don’t like it.
No, no.

Alone, those terms are super unhelpful. It is fabulous that the deliverer had enough courage to give the feedback, but when it stops there – it is worse than saying nothing at all. We, as creatives, need more. Give us more, you will be so much better for it.

What is more?

Now that I have said a statement, I need to take my own medicine and tell you the ‘why’. More is a clear and articulate explanation of the feedback. Working in the creative field can be really hard, and as a creative, you will miss the mark, a lot. But, missing the mark is gold, and most often leads to nailing the mark on the next go-round.

Let’s play this out together. This is a healthy conversation for a logo presentation:

“I don’t like it.”
“I am sorry to hear that, can you tell me why specifically you don’t like it?”
“Sure, I feel like the font is communicating a traditional feel that I don’t think is right for my company.”
“Why do you feel that a traditional font is not right for your brand?”
“I feel like my brand is not traditional, nor would I ever want it to be. I always want to be communicating vibrance, or modernity.”
“I see, so do you feel like the icon that accompanies it is on point?”
“You know, that part I do like, I think a more modern font with it might be really nice. Can I see that?”
“Absolutely, I will send that to you in the next round.”

Why is this a healthy conversation?

Because we are getting into it. We are finding out the why’s we missed the mark. That is so freaking important. It helps us get to know you better and enrichens our project together. You also are demonstrating you know your brand, and that your vision has some legs to it. That is a confidence booster for us – as we will know with more clarity how to visually shape your brand.

Let’s look at an unhealthy dialogue:

“Let me stop you right here, I don’t like it.”
“I am sorry to hear that, can you tell me why specifically you don’t like it?”
“I don’t know, it just feels too playful.”
“Why do you feel playfulness is not right for your brand?”
“I don’t know, I will know it when I see it.”
#ifeellikewalkingaway or #facepalm

Why is this an unhealthy dialogue?

For starters, we work really hard at creating logos. We do a lot of research. We research your competition and industry. We work hard on trying to position you in the most gold way possible. Then, we have that work dismissed with a simple “I’ll know it when I see it.” Vomit! Not too mention how disrespectful.

This dialogue does bring up another red flag. It shows us you don’t know what you want. You aren’t willing to go that extra step to find that level-upping clarity. We want you to succeed. Do you?

How do I articulate?

A big part of this is that sometimes we don’t have the language or feel comfortable being vulnerable enough to say “I don’t know how to articulate why I don’t like it…” – that is so common, and ok, as long as you are willing to take this a step further. That is why at the start of our project together we will send you a questionnaire. The questionnaire is aimed at equipping us, but also in equipping you to fully understand your brand. Your vision. A lot of times we get back the questionnaire with a lot of 1-word answers – that is a red flag that you either haven’t put the thought in, are unaware of your full vision, or you like using 1-word answers(lol).

Take your time.

Really dive into: Why do you want a logo? What are you trying to do with your company? What story are you trying to tell?

The more we know, the better equipped we are to develop an incredible logo for you. A company with an incredible logo starts off ahead of their competition right off the bat.

“But, I don’t have the time to take my time.”
Then don’t have a logo or a business.

“Isn’t it a designers job to find out what I am trying to communicate?”
To a degree yes, to a degree no. Think of logo developing like alchemy. If we don’t have all of the elements, it can be very hard(emotionally, and relationally) to create something out of nothing. Plus, it may not be very good.

That was a tough conversation

Yep. But, why wouldn’t you want to understand how to run your business better? Communicate your brand better? Equip your designer better? It will only help you succeed. You want that, right?

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