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Fantastic Finds – Pixelsnap

Tim Preut of Tickyboom Design

July 27, 2018

Time Investment
Time Investment

6 Minute Video

We will be showing off this amazing design tool named Pixelsnap!

What You Will Learn
What You Will Learn

You will learn about Pixelsnap.

You will see the software in action!

For this week’s Fantastic find, we are sharing a tool we use every day: Pixelsnap!

Magical Design Tool

Basically, it measures anything on any screen at any time. Pretty epic for a web designer.

You can adjust the threshold on less contrasty elements, and also click and drag over an element and it will give you a super accurate sizing. Great for finding an exact logo, icon, or element size.

Grab Pixelsnap from their website: https://getpixelsnap.com/ and watch this video for a quick overview.


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